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From £65 Per Hour

Go Live

Introducing Podcast Room - Go Live, your all-in-one solution for professional live streaming. 

With Podcast Room - Go Live, you'll have access to top-tier studio facilities equipped with 4K cameras for stunning visuals. Whether it's interviews, discussions, or solo broadcasts, our studio is ready to accommodate your needs.

We will contact you once you've made your booking to discuss the process in order to ensure that the stream runs smoothly.


Basic Live Streaming

£ 65 / Per Hour
  • 2 Cameras
  • Up to 6 Microphones
  • On-site Engineer
  • Stream to multiple platforms

Advanced Live Streaming

£ 100 / Per Hour
  • Everything in standard
  • Producer to switch camera angles
  • Additional Cameras included
  • Add graphics, live chat & more


Twitter / X 
Zoom Webinar
Google Meets

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions we've had to answer in the past

Yes, we can stream to multiple platforms at once.

Yes, we can add your branding, call to actions and more over the top of your video feed.

We can help with calling in functionality, but we'd require you to let us know in advance.

Our Advanced Go Live service will include an engineer / producer to switch camera angles throughout your broadcast. Alternatively, someone in your team can switch camera angles directly from the studio or in our production room.

Yes, we can facilitate this. We would need to know in advance what you will be watching. We have a screen that isn't visible on camera, ensuring you will not be done for copyright infringement.

Yes, we can help with this. You'd need to let us know in advance though.

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